ADAM-4520 Isolated RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Converter Module

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ADAM-4520 ModuleMost industrial computer systems come with standard RS-232 serial ports. Though widely accepted, RS-232 has limited transmission speed, range, and networking capabilities. The RS-422 and RS-485 standards overcome these limitations by using differential voltage lines for data and control signals. The ADAM-4520 converter lets you take advantage of RS-422 and RS-485 on systems originally equipped with RS-232. It transparently converts RS-232 signals into isolated RS-422 or RS-485 signals. You do not need to change your PC's hardware or your software. The ADAM-4520 allows RS232 devices to connect directly to an industrial RS422 or RS485 network and transmit data over distances of up to 1200m. Automatic flow control of the RS-485 bus means that no software or hardware changes are required. Just plug in the unit and go. The ADAM-4520 provides 3kV of isolation. This is highly recommended over longer cable runs or where ground potential differences can occur between host and client devices. Industry standard DIN rail, panel mount of piggy-back mounting options enable fast and simple installation.The ADAM-4520 lets you easily build an industrial grade, long distance communication system with standard PC hardware. It extends the communication distance by 1200m or increases the maximum number of connected nodes by 32.



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